Monday, January 31, 2011

Skinnyman Cavill is told to bulk up by "El Mayimbe" his Recommended? Steroids!!

Shortest Superman Ever!
So I agree with this post Cavill doesn't have the body or size for the role at all can he bulk up? Maybe but still he is to short, and again he's not F'ing American!
"Yo! So white people were upset yesterday because another white person with an accent bagged a super hero role. Big deal. Who cares.

I have a bigger concern.

Did you guys see what Cavill looks like without his shirt off? If you haven’t I’ll tell ya… …DOGSHIT! Cavill’s physique certainly looks like no Superman to me. As it stands, Cavill isn’t ready to face any supervillian and can easily get bitch slapped around by Jimmy Olsen. Seriously, I believe even an old ass like Perry White can slap the British accent out of Cavill’s mouth.

One of the biggest reasons Brandon Routh didn’t do it for me in the last Superman film, was that he didn’t look like no Superman either. But there is hope.

You see one of the more annoying trends of late is casting actors in muscular superhero roles with only 4-6 weeks before principal photography. It happened with Chris Evans on CAPTAIN AMERICA and with Jason Momoa on CONAN.

Not cool and not enough time for any physique to get in the condition necessary to do these types of roles justice.

Cavill is lucky in that he won’t have that problem because he is going to have 16-18 weeks before principal photography begins on MAN OF STEEL. More than enough time to pack on the slabs of beef necessary to fill out the suit. With proper diet, training, supplementation, and anabolics, Cavill has the opportunity to become the most jacked Superman on film of all time.

In previous article, Hugh Jackman needed to get jacked again to play Logan. Jackman already has a solid physique year round so all he needed were some tweaks.

But in Cavill’s case, he lacks the foundation and severely lacks lean body mass. From paparazzi pictures I seen of Cavill, his muscles are a bit flabby and he has an elongated upper torso. A bit dis-proportioned. The guy also has terrible arms and shoulders along with no traps.

But that’s ok because once again, Cavill only needs to fill out the suit. We’re not going to see Superman topless. Original Post"

I don't like this casting one bit, and I think a boycott of the WB, and this movie is needed to send them a clear message that the fans aren't happy.

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