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Snyders Reboot Started already with a major mistake!

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Maybe it's Nolan's turn to feel the wrath of the fans after Snyder ruins his Superman movie afterall the fans have given Nolan a free ride so far even after very controversial moves concerning the Batman series which worked out then but Batman is not Superman, and Superman is one of those characters you simply cannot fuck with the way Nolan/Snyder and the WB are hell bent on fucking with, and changing for the worse.

While not much is known about this movie I feel that Snyder is either a hit or miss director, and meaning he could either nail it out of the park like he did with Watchmen and to some extent 300 which was great to look at but had a terrible pace, and storyline was weak. But what I've noticed that much like Bryan Singer he can make even his bad movies look visually good.

So he could also totally crap it up like he did with Dawn of the Dead & Legend of the Guardians both butcher jobs that visually we're nice looking movies but just sucked bad as movies overall, and let's be honest he has about the same track record as Singer did at this point in his career when he was announced as Director of Superman Returns.

Snyder had 2 comic book movies ( Watchmen and 300 to Singer's 2 X men movies) and to be fair Singer had a couple of better movies outside of the X MEN movies while Snyder has none... NONE!

Snyder came with the approval of Chris Nolan who directed two fine Batman movies...But does this qualify him to be the best man to pick the director for Superman? Maybe... Maybe not... But think about this first guys Nolan picked someone who he felt could deliver the action which Singer couldn't... I agree Singer cannot direct action to save his life which is why they had to order him to add more action to his 2 X MEN movies after he was already on a final cut of those movies.

So we went from an overly dramatic movie with little action which visually looked nice to a director who will add more action but will probably lose the depth of the characters, and who's never shown to have a decent movie that deals with any sort of human drama. Can we say Superman 3 or 4 all over again! What we needed is someone who could blend both worlds together, and Snyder is not that man. Neither is Nolan for that matter but he's a better director then Snyder.

I think the WB is rushing into this project because Nolan had two blockbuster BATMAN movies, and so they are letting him do as he wishes with Superman in hopes they get him to deliver a director who can turn out a blockbuster.

Watchman failed to deliver at the box office as have all of Snyders movies except 300 which to me was great visually but lacked in every other aspect, and this worries me with Snyders Superman.

But like Singer the major step where Snyder fails from the get go is his casting... Unlike any other Super hero Superman needs to have 1 face represent him for each generation because unlike the other Super hero's Superman is the biggest of them all, and to sell him to the world you first need to find an actor who can make you believe a man could fly!

Chris Reeve was so great in the role because he was the only person playing that role! Right now for the past 10 years Tom Welling has been the face of Superman, and it's a rip off that the studio isn't interested in continuing on with him as Superman considering that the guy looks like he just stepped out of the comic book, and he acts just like how you would think a Modern day Superman would act!

He looks the role, acts the role is the right age for the role is only known to the world as "Clark Kent" Oh, and he's American! As the news just broke British actor Henry Cavil just landed the role, and while I  have seen his work, and it's less then stellar, and I'm not impressed with his acting the guy is not even American!

He looks more like Joran Vandersloot then Superman for crying outloud!!! This is an outrage! How can the WB hire a british born actor to play the most AMERICAN ICONIC superhero of them all? Superman is more part of Americana then even Captain AMERICA.

So first Singer removes "American Way" now we also lose the American born actor playing Superman.. This is as bad as if they hired an American James Bond... Hell this is worse! This guy doesn't even look the part.

I would have been able to deal with a new face had it been someone who A Looked the part, and B was a red blooded American born actor. Like that True Blood actor Joe Manganiello who looks the part, and is American.

My top choice is clearly Tom Welling who regardless of this craptacular movie Snyder makes is still this generations Superman, and nothing this movie does will change that.

Henry Cavil cannot hold a candle to Tom Welling as Superman... So yes I'm very disappointed in this casting, and I refuse to support this movie now as I feel like the WB, Snyder, and Nolan are screwing us fans over, and again I say they are doing this on purpose!

Nolan's casting is all over this who else gave us a brit as Batman? Nolan! I like Bale, and I liked his two Batman movies and while he did two great movies many people have issues with Bale as Batman, and I'm one of them to some extent... I also believe that it's important to cast an American born actor in these two very iconic roles.

Let's now see how the brits react to us casting say WILL SMITH as 007! Or how about Cuba Gooden JR to reboot Mr Bean!

Oh, and so far everything I've heard of BATMAN 3 sounds shitty so it seems like Nolan is going to end up fucking up as he's leaving the Batman franchise.

Ann Hathaway as Catwoman? WTF are you guys there?????????????? Seriously you all who cast movies for the WB need to stop smoking dope, and stop showing us that you really not give a crap about what the fans want.

Here is what the fans want...

Check out who the fucking fans want you cock suckers!

Thank you for voting!
Matt Bomer 13.38%
Henry Cavill 6.41%
Joseph Gordon-Levitt 2.98%
Jon Hamm 7.67%
Brandon Routh 12.74%
Tom Welling 56.81% 

It's clear that we as fans want to see Tom Welling in the movie, and you as the film makers once again proved to be to incompetent to listen to the fans.

Other then getting rid of Brandon Routh what have you done for us lately?

I say we boycott the WB/Snyder/Nolan and this reboot! Fuck off you fuckers don't know what your doing.


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  2. Fuck that guy Cavill isn't right for the role we need an American to play Americas biggest hero not some tea sipping fag.

    And watch Hellworld the guy is a horrible fucking actor, and he doesn't look the part at all.

    Casting Cavill is worse then re casting Routh!

    Routh was at least American, had the height size, and look for the part... He was just shitty because he was in a shitty movie with a shitty director, and script, and he's not the best of actors so he was Super shitty.

    But Cavil has everything against him from size, look, and isn't american... And also is a shitty actor.

    Only thing he has is chicks like him cus they think he's hot... That's why he got the role? And cus he's a British actor if you aint noticed Mr Nolan ONLY hires British actors in his movies for the most part in the main roles.

    In other words he's a racist against Americans and this tragedy must be stopped before production even starts!

    The WB Must understand that americans wont stand for this outsourcing crap of our American icons anymore.

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