Monday, January 31, 2011

The word on the bad news is spreading out on the net! The Kids speak!!!

Coming from the site kids pick flicks here is an interesting post.

Hollywood Needs to Stop Outsourcing American Superheroes
Written by Cole the Kid Critic    Sunday, 30 January 2011 11:43   
Warner Brothers fancies Henry Cavill as the new Superman and has indeed knighted him as the new King of the Superheroes.

What sucks is the fact that he's British. Of all the superheroes, Superman is as American as it gets. It's not just him, both the current Batman (Christian Bale) and the future Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) are also British.  Hollywood has given America's three biggest heroes up to people from across the pond.
Here's why "outsourcing" our All-American superheroes is a problem.

1. The Big Three are Symbols of America. Spider-Man, Superman and Batman represent the landscape of American backgrounds. Peter Parker comes from a poor lower-class family in Queens, New York; Superman is a small town Kansan who moves to the big city; and Batman is a multi-millionaire who uses his money to try and improve the lives of the less fortunate. Moreover, these three heroes are as American symbols as baseball, apple pie, and Rosie the Riveter. Would an actor from outside the the U.K. ever get to play James Bond? The answer is NO. There'd be an uprising in England if that happened. Why? Because James Bond is the symbol of British patriotism.

2. Movies are one of America's Top Exports. Corporate America is known for shipping jobs overseas. In light of our bad economy, politicians cry that "we don't MAKE things in America anymore." Not true. Hollywood is and always has been the epicenter of movie making. America makes movies and the rest of the world pays billions of dollars each year to see those films. In fact, the increase of international box office dollars is probably why they gave these roles to foreign actors -- to build interest overseas. But if Warner Brothers is willing to sacrifice the 3D (and millions of 3D earnings) in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 to keep their dignity, then casting an American actor as Superman isn't too much to ask for. On one last note, we do export something and that thing is pop culture, which is born primarily from Hollywood, movies and movie stars. If we give up our American celebrities, we start to weaken the "American brand."

3. America's Reputation is at Stake. America needs to remind people "hey, we're the good guys," not give that power over to other countries. In the last decade, America has slipped from favor and has started to be resented by other countries around the world. So, the last thing we want is to give our American heroes to the Brits. Whatever your opinion might be, U.S. troops are in Afghanistan and Iraq in an attempt to lift oppression and give them the right to partake in a democracy. Superman's slogan could easily be the slogan of the U.S. Military: "fighting the never ending battle for truth, justice and the American Way." It's not "Truth, Justice and the British Way," now is it?

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