Thursday, February 3, 2011

Contact the WB right now, and express your hate of this casting!

If your like me, and your upset over them casting a British born actor over Tom Welling, and any other AMERICAN actor who deserves the role more then be heard!

First and most important, real letters need to be sent. A stack of letters on someone's desk has much more of a visual impact than a full email inbox. A physical letter also says that you really care, and took the time to write it, print it, and mail it. They're tangible and an executive can literally hold your disappointment in his hands, as opposed to it floating out in cyberspace. While sending an email can't hurt, I'd say do that as a follow-up to writing your real letter. Below I've put together a bit of an FAQ about the letter writing campaign. If you still have other questions, list them in the comments section.

1. What do I write?
You've got to voice your displeasure but you've got to say it in terms that relate to the Studio execs. The Studio head most likely doesn't care what we think about them giving Superman to a British actor and the principle isn't important to them unless said actors involvement can cost them money at the boxoffice! Meaning make sure you express yourself, and how you will boycott this movie unless they stop this madness, and hire an American actor! Preferably Tom Welling in the lead role, and they man up for their past mistakes, and give us a real honest to god epic Superman movie.

Just as important as what you write is the tone of how you say it. If you bring up good points but come across like you're yelling at the execs, they'll tune you out and chalk you up to being some crazed fanboy. Your letters should have a reasonable and even tone to them. You should sound sympathetic to the studio's financial goals, and be constructive in your criticisms about why Singer blew it. Brevity is also a bonus. Say what you have to say on 1 or 2 pages and then be done with it. These people read enough scripts as it is, dont send them something of a similar size.

If you've already written a letter and think others could use it as a template for their own, send it into us here, and we'll post it up. We're putting together a few generic ones of our own that we'll post up shortly that people can change as they see fit.

2. Who do I send them to?
These letters should be targeted at the guys who write the checks and have final say on any films. Warner Bros. Entertainment President and C.O.O., Alan Horn and Warner Bros. Pictures President of Production Jeff Robinov.

3. Where do I send them?
Send all letters and emails to either:

Mr. Alan Horn
President and C.O.O. Warner Brothers Entertainment
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, Ca. 91522

Mr. Jeff Robinov
President of Production Warner Brothers
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, Ca. 91522

More email's which are usefull for those sending emails only!

The other prong of the attack involves getting the word out and getting as many people as possible to send letters. This site gets a sizable amount of hits a day but that's not going to be enough, its still going to be up to you to spread the good word. Print out letters for your friends and family to sign. Link to this post on the various internet message boards you frequent, link it to your website or blog, make a Youtube video, etc. Do whatever you can regardless of what the small minority of vocal apologist sheep think. Granted the studios pay people to scour the internet to gauge the public's opinions on things, but a proactive campaign like this does get noticed. Just ask the fans of the TV show Jericho

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  1. hahaha bumped into thsi stupid page.. $640Million later and with a high % of fan approval. someone must feel pretty damned stupid of writing this hogwash review a year before the move came out.

    Love this part. Cavil is Not American.

    well neither is Superman, he is Kryptonian... in fact he is an illegal alien.