Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man of Shit opens big but fans, and critics agree! THE MOVIE SUCKS!

That's right it's out now, and it had a nice opening no doubt. But will it have legs? The word of mouth has been awful by both fans, and critics. Truth be told the movie is as bad as Superman Returns with only the action being tripled! Which I don't mind. I wanted action! But for a movie that long it paced very slow, and nothing much happened of importance. It just felt like they forgot the soul, and joy of what Superman is all about.

Great review from a fan!

Great review from an actual critic!


  1. Hey man, you suck, ya know that? Remember me? But I'll tell you what. YOU were as wrong about the Superman reboot as that guy who called himself 'Steve the Archangel'. As for the rest of us, we'll take MORE Man Of Steel please.

  2. Actually ... Broke the June record and has made $640Millon world wide...FANS gave it a 77% approval rating on RT. Geek Tyrant is already calling it the best movie this summer....

    Henry Cavill. not American... neither is Superman... he was born on Krypton... I don't see that in a US map

    1. But the icon is American, hence the need for Brandon Routh to return

  3. Actually moron, if you believe that "it brook the record" crap, then you're stupider than anyone already thought. Fans did NOT give it a high approval ratings, little fanbitches like you did, and you're the MINORITY. And RT has it at a 67% DISAPPROVAL rating, but nice try. The fact that anyone would willingly nickname themselves a "geek" proves that what they say doesn't count. Making over $600 million when it should have made over a billion, means it made nothing plus it took $440 million dollars to make. It didn't make shit son.

    Retard, Superman is an AMERICAN ICON, HAS BEEN SINCE HE WAS CREATED WHICH BY THE WAY WAS BY TWO JEWISH DUDES, SO I GUESS SUPERMAN'S NOT JESUS LIKE YOU THINK HE IS EITHER. You also had a lobotomy so know one would find a brain cell in your head moron.